Beteendehantering - Fear Free

FearFree Weekend in Gothenburg

Welcome to a weekend dedicated to Fear Free veterinary visits – the next big transformation in veterinary medicine! 

Over the past two decades we have seen major transformations in veterinary medicine in regards to pain management, dentistry, nutrition, and specialty care. Fear Free is about the emotional well-being of our patients and it is all encompassing. 

Join us for an informative and inspirational weekend with veterinary behavior specialist Kenneth Martin and veterinary technician Debbie Martin, and learn how to make veterinary visits less stressful and more pleasurable for all parties: Pets, caregivers and veterinary staff. 

Location: The Museum of Natural History in Gothenburg 

Evening lecture Friday September 22, 400 SEK

Weekend seminar Friday-Sunday September 22-24, 3450 SEK (early bird 2950 SEK until May  21)

Package with weekend seminar and access to online certification cource: 4450 SEK (available until May 21)

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The event is organized in cooperation with Studiefrämjandet.



Eva Bertilsson
+46 706 58 23 20
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