Pågående projekt


Behaviour management with focus on animal welfare is a rapidly growing area both within and outside of Sweden.


To create new possibilities for climate smart energy solutions we are now testing the possibility to use direct current from self-produced energy. The project is run in cooperation with the research institution RISE.


In order for us to be able to work more sustainable with crop cultivation more methods and techniques have to be made available on the market and reach the user.


Modern schools today need to offer both high level research and education, act as social innovators and have a keen ear on the needs of the labour market. For this to be successful a close collaboration with businesses, industries and the public sector is required. Therefore, we take part in the European union-project Peat Valley+, which aims to strengthen the cooperation between educational institutions, industry and the public sector.

Korta livsmedelskedjor

To help consumers and producers to find each other we are working on a project where we identify and build places where they can fin each other.


The need for self-produced protein feed is growing ever more, and to meet this demand we have begun producing our own protein feed for our dairy cows.


Biogas is one of the more environmental friendly energy sources of today and something we can upgrade to vehicle gas is the manure gas produced by cows.


Imagine an agriculture with an effective cycle of nourishment on the farm, optimized crop sequences and low cultivation. In addition, imagine an agriculture that uses the natural properties of trees and bushes to add nutrition to the soil in the fields, to shield and protect against dehydration and erosion.

There are many that choose a vegetarian alternative on the plate and then it is important we can offer a Swedish, locally produced vegetarian alternative

Today the availability of UAV-technology in the form of drones are increasing rapidly, but despite the potential of the technology, the use of it in agriculture is little.